Terri Keppinger and Arnold Molina are very pleased to announce that they are open for business at their new working studio located at 66-037 #3 Kam Hwy, inside Marianne Abrigo Properties building. Here they will combine their Rolfing®, Structural Integration practice, ZeroPoint Artisan Farms along with their community outreach initiatives to fulfill their vision for ZeroPoint Embodiment (zeropointembodiment.org).

Recently, they’ve spent a majority of their time expanding their artisan farming business called Zero Point Farms. Terri and Arnold want to introduce artisan farming to the community via a concept called “community integration.” Terri explains, “we’re knitting together a local and international community through embodiment, wellness and movement education, and by providing fresh, clean produce, grown naturally.”

That’s the overall vision of Zero Point Embodiment, which they describe as “community oriented initiative: by North Shore, for North Shore, embracing all the visions of the North Shore, buy local, eat local and keeping the country country…” says Arnold. They’re also partnering with other local farmers and landowners, from which they “land-share” small parcels of land. “We’re working with small-scale sustainable farm plots of less than half an acre each and we are maximizing our production so that we can potentially produce what a three acre, conventional parcel can on a much smaller plot of land,” says Arnold.

“Zero Point” is the name of a place where Terri stayed many times in the Indian Himalayas. “Locals call it “Zero Point” because it’s the end of the official trail and the beginning of the Himalayas. When you reach Zero Point you hit the Pindari glacier and that’s where the real Himalayan journey begins,” says Terri. Terri was inspired by the name when she lived and worked in India on and off over a 16 year period. Terri also explains that “Zero Point” was a fitting description, “for (people) in their pursuit of wellness, it’s that place of stillness, of neutrality between your known patterns or habits and the potential of your wellness, which is unknown or unexplored for most people.”

Both Certified Rolfers®, Terri and Arnold met at the Rolf institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. The practice was founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf , a PH.D biochemist who imagined people living in a balanced body free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress. Structural Integration is organized into ten sessions. “People don’t realize it’s a whole process and system rather than a quick fix,” says Arnold. “It’s a long-term transformative healing rather than a quick fix pain therapy,” adds Terri.

“People still don’t know what Rolfing, Structural Integration is or that you need to be certified professional to be a practitioner. “It’s a unique modality of body work. We’re working with connective soft tissue and the nervous system of the body to help maximize the structure of the body alignment into a integrated cohesive unit. We can’t count how many times we’ve heard people say they’ve tried everything, and that we’re their last resort,” says Terri.

Another one of their community initiatives is to host professional continuing educational workshops on the North Shore, the next one is working with the “The Neck and Cranium” at Homelani Camp off of Crozier, February 23rd-25th. The two master teachers that weekend are Sally Klemm, Advanced Faculty, Rolf Institute and Mariposa Blanco, special guest teacher from Big Island, who are providing a rare opportunity for any serious body workers on the North Shore. For more information about joining the workshop, you may reach North Shore Rolfing at 808-769-2097.