Marjorie Mariano says luck is not what saved her from the shark but a series of miracles. Afterwards it was the love of the community that is helping her get through it. Mariano said it was scary, dramatic and traumatic and she did freak out at one point when she realized they were drifting out again after the bite. She looked the shark right in the eye, “it was gigantic, a flat, round ball and I turned my board around to be a shield. I thought to hit it but I could not reach, I never really saw the whole body, then it let go”, she explained while revisiting the spot Holtons that she was surfing. She went into survival mode. “Friends, one who had a cell phone in the water, who has that?, called 911, they tied a leash around the leg and the guys helped me to the beach. I never looked at the wound.” Friends and people from all over the world sent her well wishes. “It was the biggest wave I ever surfed in my life, the prayers of love.” Mariano does not blame the shark. She says they just don’t have enough food, that we need to protect our resources and take care of the ocean. She thinks the shark was 12 feet and hopes that she can be a resource to tell people about our environment, to take care of it. It is a miracle that this Wahine is so brave, she is set on a fast recovery. The amazing surgeons repaired her hamstring and nerves, but it was a miracle that the bite was clean and did not do more damage. She is amazing and positive and we can all learn from her great spirit. She does though have a long way to go to totally recover. Crutches and handy vans are her way of getting around and there will be plenty of doctor’s appointments, she will need some help! Her friends rally around her, some, like me, a little sketched to go in the water. Her passion for surfing will not falter she says and the miracle of go fund me is helping! She has not gotten the bill as yet! Another miracle to go! I think I will go surfing with a friend with a cell phone!